January 2015

In 2015 I started using Instagram much more and I"m probably going to phase out my blog and start focusing on Instagram more. It's SO much easier for me but there are some things I will still share on the kids blog.

In January we went to the Zoo in Tucson with our friends the Nielsons. So much fun, love those guys!

Shortly after these 2 pictures of Gwenna were taken, she fell off the elephant somehow and hurt her bottom.  Ouch!  This girl is always getting hurt but she rebounds well.

All our kids (Gwenna, 6.5, Mer 5, Braeden, 4.5, Aaliyah and Emmet 2.5, Simon almost 2 - 22.5 months when this was taken)

I love this picture below.  We have .8 miles, so nearly a mile, of dirt road to our house.  I regularly let the kids hop up front with me or sit on my lap and drive (Ted does this even more than I do, Simon especially loves to "drive").  Mer loves to put the window down and let the wind blow through her hair.  Such a country girl thing to do.

Mer fell asleep between preschool and home.  Tough day, I guess.

I made white chocolate chip raspberry muffins one day and brought them for Mer, Braeden, and Gwenna when I was on pick-up duty one day.  Mer was trying SO HARD not to eat hers, as she really likes to eat with her family and wanted to wait for Gwenna.  It didn't last though and that's a big compliment from Mer.

On a hike on a sunny day.  It was such a fun day, being together as a family.  We took a short hike and then had a snack on the top of this sunny hill.  We hiked back down and when we went home, after Simon was in bed, the girls and I made homemade ice cream sandwiches with graham crackers, ice cream, and sprinkles, while Ted worked on some outside projects.

Emmett was over playing one day and those two boys played with trains for a good while.  Funny, cute boys!

Snacks - I love E's face in this picture! :)

Poor Simon is always bored if Mer falls asleep.  He was patting her head here, sweetly, surprisingly.  Not really trying to wake her. He is a super sweet brother, most of the time.

I loved having my old, funky blue recliner in my room but Ted moved it into the living room one day.  So after a few weeks of it being out there, I expressed my desire to have it back in the bedroom.  My girls wasted no time, pulled the back off, pushed the base in, and Ted helped them reassemble it.  They are such sweethearts to want to help their mama.

This was the first "belly shot" of pregnancy #4.  I was, I think, about 22 weeks along.

Pictures from baby #4's anatomy ultrasound.  We of course did not find out the gender of the baby but Tracy was told and it's her job to take care of baby Crowder's needs :)

In January, we decided to take down the side rail of SImon's crib and Ted built him a half rail to keep him from falling out.  We decided we'd try to start potty training him (that was a big flop, poor boy) and that he should be able to get out of bed to go potty if he needed to.  Two months later, he still isn't the greatest about staying in bed.  I hope he improves.

Just playing with Dad.

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