Christmas 2014

Let me, right up front, share the best part of Christmas this year: Not having to go ANYWHERE but having our family here. This was awesome. We've never had this experience for Christmas. Either we travel 3 hours each way or we have Christmas on our own. Each option is fine, really, but having everyone here was GREAT.

Christmas morning was really nice.  We finished our 25 days of Christ ornaments first and read scriptures.  Then we divied up the gifts and opened presents one by one.  The kids really enjoyed their gifts and so did Ted and I.  We each surprised each other a bit, not knowing what we'd gotten each other.  I was especially proud of the knife I got for Ted.

After gifts were opened, we had my parents and brother Jake over for breakfast.  We had the traditional cinnamon rolls and the Pioneer woman breakfast casserole we had Gwenna's first Christmas.  We also had a yummy fruit salad.  It was great food start to the day.

Then we played some home while Ted slept.  He had to work Christmas eve (his birthday!) but it worked fine because we had nothing going on from 10 to 2 and he was able to rest while we played and watched a Christmas movie.

Then we went over to my parents' house for dinner and gifts with family.  We had everyone there except Niki and her family and they were missed.

Grandma, Rob, and Tiffany.

The whole crew (Ted being the signature early silly face).

Grandpa and Grandma with three of their five grandchildren.

Uncle Kody (who hasn't been called "Aunt Kody" in ages, strangely enough) and Aunt Anna (rocking her awesome sweater).

Ted and me and a photo bomb from Grandma Annamarie.

Grandma and Anna.

After all the hoopla was done, some of the big kids (siblings) shot Jake's bee bee gun that Jake got from Ted.  We all slept well that night!

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