In the new house

We got into our new house 3 days before we delivered Simon.  Our first night there We had a great time.  We have a great big fireplace in the living room.  Ted started a roaring fire.  He fashioned some roasting sticks out of wire clothes hangers. We roasted marshmallows and basically ate them like that.  S'mores apparently are too involved for us.

After the girls each tried to roast their own, we handed off the roasting duties to Ted.  That fire was HOT and we didn't want the girl too close to it.  Earlier, when Ted was stoking the fire, a chunk of flaming wood popped right out of the fireplace.  For that reason, I was keeping back from the fire entirely.

One of the things Edith left behind when she went to Arkansas (along with most of her possessions) is her trampoline.  The girls took turns jumping on it in their footie pajamas.  It was a great way to burn off some of t hat sugar before bed!

This was a great night, one of our last as a family of 4, and I think I'll always look back at it fondly. 

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