At the hospital, Simon's birth


Just some pictures from our stay at the hospital and a few tidbits for memory sake -

From the beginning Simon was a sweet, calm baby.  He was a good feeder, though I called teh lactation consultants into our room about 5 times in our 2 days stay.  I wanted to make sure Simon and I had the best start we could have.  I think that is one of the several reasons Simon and I have had the best experience breast feeding out of any of my 3 babies.

My mom, who had recently moved to the Tucson area, took care of the girls while Simon, Ted, and I were in the hospital.  When they came to see Simon for the first time, we didn't know it, but the girls were starting to get sick.  When my mom took the girls back to her house that night, Mer was running a fever.  My mom's best friend brought some Motrin over and Mer was doing better the next day.  Gwenna though had a fever and a couch. When they were at the hospital for the first time, Mer showed a general disinterest in her brother.  Even Gwenna wasn't head over heels but she was happy to see him.  I wasn't surprised to find out Mer was sick.  As soon as she was better, she dove into big sisterhood.  She LOVES her Simon boy and is a very involved big sister.

We had some great nurses at the hospital but none better than our first nurse.  She was personable, kind, and very interested in our choices, preferences,a nd the healtha nd happiness of our whole family.

When we got the our room there was no expandable chair-bed for Ted, or even a couch.  The postpartum floor was totally full and they were taking furniture from all over.  The nurses and facilities lady assigned to us worked SO HARD to find something for him.  Every time they did, someone else swiped it!  In the end, they went out to find something for him themselves and pushed it all the way  back the the very back corner of the floor to our room.  They made gouges and marks all over the floor trying to help Ted out.  We were able to witness part of their hard work when we were walking around the floor, pushing Simon.  They were quite a sight. 

I tried my darndest to keep Simon in my room.  But each time I passed him off to Ted's care so I could finally get a little bit of shut-eye, Ted brought him the the nursery!  This did result in a couple uninterrupted hours of sleep for the both of us and they brought him back to eat.  I must admit that is was nice to have that time.  Ted is very proactive about using his resources and I am grateful for that because I am much more stubborn. 

When we left the hospital, Simon was 5 lbs. 12 oz and 2 days later he was 5 lbs. 10 oz. At 8 weeks he was 9.5 lbs. 

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